Month: February 2022


The impact of sexual violence does not go away as soon as the physical act finishes there is always a traumatic and lasting effect, and this is what this project wishes to highlight. The reason for this is so that we may all have a better understanding of how an individual might be feeling when they close their eyes at night or when they are simply walking down the street. And by having a better understand we can be more empathic and caring towards friends, loved ones and even strangers who have had to endure these acts of terrible violence.

For Crying Out Loud or Why BPD isn’t all bad

We’re good people. Granted, we’re often hard work and we need handled with care but if you give someone living with BPD a chance, you usually won’t regret it. If we love you, we will REALLY love you and go the extra mile. We’re not just a diagnosis – we’re multi faceted people just like you. We’re friends, spouses, parents, colleagues.

Young People, Social Media & Mental Health

I was 17, homeless after leaving foster care, and my BPD was destroying my life. Like I had said previously my bpd had only just been diagnosed and therefore I turned to Instagram and tik-tok for support and advice. I started finding other CAMHS patients who had similar accounts to mine and followed them thinking like me, people would be responsible to not post triggering content. I was so very wrong.