SoapBox Collective are kicking off the Aftermath project which aims to create an audio statement from women who have been victims of sexual violence.

The impact of sexual violence does not go away as soon as the physical act finishes there is always a traumatic and lasting effect, and this is what this project wishes to highlight. The reason for this is so that we may all have a better understanding of how an individual might be feeling when they close their eyes at night or when they are simply walking down the street. And by having a better understand we can be more empathic and caring towards friends, loved ones and even strangers who have had to endure these acts of terrible violence.

In the United Kingdom we have over the last year or so heard on the news and read in the press a lot about some high-profile cases of sexual violence against women by men. We have also heard the cry of ‘not all men’, and of course this is true but it is nearly all women and girls who have had some form of unwanted sexual attention or sexual violence forced upon them.

Between 2019-2020 618,000 women were the victims of sexual violence in England and Wales which is 70 women being sexually assaulted every hour. It is worth noting that these statistics are just the crimes that were reported the real numbers will be much higher.


So, what exactly is it that we at the SoapBox Collective will be doing? Well, we are inviting women who have been victims of sexual violence to follow the link below to a page on our website where we would offer them the opportunity to record an anonymous message directed to their abuser, explaining in their own words exactly how their crimes have impacted on their lives. There will be no censorship and those taking part are encouraged to speak freely and say exactly how they feel. We’d like you to direct your message to the abuser as if you were leaving a voice mail.

Unfortunately, we ask that you do not use an abuser’s name. There is only one reason for this and that is it may result in legal actions that we simply do not have the funds to fight and could ultimately result in the project being forced to be taken down. But trust us when we say we would otherwise have no problem naming those who have committed such crimes.

These messages will then be complied and placed on our website so that those that listen will learn and understand in an honest and true way exactly what the aftermath of sexual violence actually is. Spoken by the brave voices of those that have lived it and survived it.

Whilst the aim of this project is a positive one, we realise this may bring up very traumatic memories and emotions and we would ask anyone who might be thinking of taking part to consider what impact that this might have on their mental health. 

The term sexual violence can be interpreted by different people to mean slightly different things. So, for this project it is defined by each individual speaking and their definition will not be questioned. If it doesn’t match what you or anyone else defines as sexual violence, that is ok, for this there is no right or wrong and any further discussion risks stepping away from the projects meaning.

This project is open to ALL women! TERFS may keep their comments and thoughts to themselves. We will not enter in to any debate about what a defines a woman, there are plenty of places on the internet to do that but this WILL NOT be one of them. As previously stated, this project is open to ALL women.

To leave a message just click the link below using laptop, phone or tablet hit the record button and speak. These messages will be anonymous and we assume that by sending them you are consenting to your message being used in this project and for it to be placed online. However should you change your mind we will be happy to work out which message is yours and remove it, but it must be understood due to the nature of the internet other copies might be made with out our consent or knowledge.

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