Graham Norton is Spot On re Accountability

I’m loving Graham Norton’s response to Cleese’s whining about ‘cancel culture’.

He’s right when he says it should be termed ‘accountability’, because if you hold and express far right, shitty punch down at minorities and those with protected characteristics views, and make shit up about them, or parrot without evidence, then you should absolutely be called out and held accountable.

I posted THIS article on my social media the other day it links far right tried and tested tactics with the current hate towards trans people, and explains that what’s happening right now has nothing to do with gender politics, and the subject is just being used as a propaganda tool to push an ever growing far right agenda. The Incel movement is part of the same multi-pronged beast.

It’s deeply concerning that it has seeped into celebrity culture. But just because they’re famous, it doesn’t mean that they’re right and shouldn’t be pulled up on shitty views. Sad as it is, some of them not as A list as they once were are vulnerable to it because they’ll do anything for attention to plug their new book/show/jockstrap freshener range. Same with middle aged women being the perfect targets for recruitment – us who have played a part in/directly seen the change and felt the benefits of, women’s rights campaigning. We’re vulnerable to the rhetoric of ‘trans people are eroding women’s rights’ because we feel protective of how far we’ve come in our struggle. But no, they’re not taking anything from us, the white supremacist mindset is, and you’re helping it if you get sucked in to that shit.

Why are the anti-trans brigade only concerned about ‘trans people raping in prisons’, dog whistling outrage about a case where the proper checks weren’t made and a rapist ended up in a women’s prison? Where is their outrage for the entire massive issue of rape and abuse in prisons, by inmates of all sexes and prison officers alike? Why pick on a tiny minority and dismiss the huge problem in such an institution? Isn’t it obvious? It certainly isn’t supporting women’s rights, is it..

The projection in the anti-trans movement is also astonishing. Opposing their nasty, blinkered, baseless bollocks makes us ‘the lunatics’, ‘the cult’, ‘the brainwashed’ and ‘the blind’ and we’ll all thank them one day. And some are making a lot of money out of it. Tommy Robinson and the EDL’s tactics come to mind..

Again, what other recent far right organisation called the ‘paedo’ card at every opportunity?

There is also some furore about unisex changing rooms. The duty of care there lies with the outlets, some of which are now replacing curtains with solid lockable doors. Solution right there..but is it trans women who are reported to have recently walked in on a woman twice? No.

As for the toilet argument, all a man needs to go into a women’s toilet, or indeed in separate changing rooms, is a mop and a hi viz.

Rapists rape, and rape and abuse are symptoms of patriarchal systems. Keeping women separate from everyone else is not what keeps us safe. That’s just blatant divide. Our safety is rooted in change, in education, and in keeping the far right at bay. I will not be locked away and live in fear because some people feel entitled to exercise power over me because I’m a woman, and gender apartheid creates that power. Fuck that.

This painting of a whole demographic as potential sex offenders that we should live in fear of, as they did gay men, Muslim men etc. (weird how white CIS sex offenders aren’t targeted as a group, eh) is the same tried and tested manipulative propaganda as Jewish people eating children and people of colour not being human.

We have an humanitarian duty to keep white supremacy at bay, because unless you’re a white CIS male with no opposing opinion who only cares about other white CIS males with no opposing opinions then none of us are safe from it, and in over 35 years of fighting it and calling it out, I have never seen it making ground like it is right now.

I know most of you couldn’t give a fuck, but I very much do, and not because I’ve recently paid a heavy price due to the poison in our society. I hope enough of us fight against what’s coming to keep the harm minimal.

To those who do give a fuck, they’ve upped their game. We have to, too, ❤

By Gail S Else


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