Aftermath is a project set up by the SoapBox Collective to not only highlight the issue of rape and sexual violence against women and girls but also to show that rape and sexual violence doesn’t finish when the man is done. The trauma caused by rape and sexual violence can last months, years and even life times. So in our capacity as an activist media collective we are inviting women and girls to record an audio message to their abuser. Outlining in their own words what that person has put them through and the effect it has had on their lives. These audio recordings will then be used in a short film.

We would ask anyone thinking of taking part to think carefully about how this might effect their mental or even physical health. Whilst for some this may be a cathartic experience, for other benign, for some it might have very negative consequences, your well being comes first.

All recordings will be anonymous and there will be no way they can be traced back to you. We do ask that you do not name the person you are talking to in your message. This is only down to legal issues it might cause, which could ultimately shut the project down. Other wise we would of course love to name and shame. 

 By sending us your audio message you are agreeing to allow us to use it in our film and promotion for the film. However if you do happen to change your mind at any point at all do get in touch and your audio will be taken down. If we get a high volume of messages we may not be able to use them all and any that aren’t used will be deleted from our servers.

Please note that some mobile devices may not be able to use the record function. If this is the case simply record your message on your device’s audio recording app. Then click select file below and choose your recording and hit upload.

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