If You’re Cold They Are Dying

I woke up rather chilly this morning as is the way for most of us at this time of year but hot coffee and a warm dog soon got my body to an acceptable operational temperature as well as lazily climbing back under a duvet which is where I still am as I type this post.

It was whilst I was shivering off the morning chill that I reminded myself of those not as fortunate as myself and that there are plenty of people without a comfy duvet, facilities to make coffee or even a slightly smelly dog willing to act as a hot water bottle. There are plenty who don’t even have a roof over their heads.

It crossed my mind as I sat here feeling lucky to have such luxuries that I wondered what small things we could all do to help people sleeping rough this winter and an idea came to me (an idea that I strongly suspect isn’t original to me and has probably been done or at least suggested before) but the thought was this….

Why don’t we all have a look around our houses for old blankets, coats, jumpers, sleeping bags and the like and put them in the boots of our cars? Just leave them there until you see someone who might benefit from them or you might already have someone in mind? Perhaps you pass someone on the street on your way to work in the mornings? It wouldn’t be a big deal for us but it could save the life of someone who has to sleep outside.

Also, I have to add please leave your phone in your pocket, this is about helping someone and not an ego trip. Please don’t put someone through the indignity of being filmed so you can plaster them over social media to get a cyber pat on the back.

So next time you have a spare moment have a look through the coat cupboard or your wardrobe and see what you can dig out, you might save a life.

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