An Open Letter To The Internet. Re: Unkraine

The SoapBox Collective
The SoapBox Collective
An Open Letter To The Internet. Re: Unkraine

Dear Friends,

I am seeing folks on social media pointing blame to this country, that country, NATO, America the EU etc for the invasion of Ukraine by Russia as well lots of comments about Zelenskyy’s ties with the far right. And whilst some or perhaps all of these maybe true where were these comments beforehand? Ukraine wasn’t on the radar of most of these arm chair commentators previous to Russia’s invasion and in all honestly it only cropped up on mine very vaguely. If you must point blame look at those who fired the first shot into someone else’s back yard.

These comments are not only pointless and late in arrival but they are also detracting from the real battle that we activists in the west will have to fight very soon, a humanitarian one. It is sadly very clear that despite a valiant fight by the Ukrainian armed forces and brave civilians willing to take up arms in defence of their home Russia will more than likely triumph.

What we need to start debating and putting into action is how we can now go on to help the Ukrainian people. There will be many left without homes, there will be many who will lose loved ones, children without parents, people’s livelihoods gone, schools and hospitals destroyed and all this in the time it takes a rocket to explode and all this going one whilst I am saying these words. There will also be many who will wish to leave Ukraine and settle in other parts of Europe to get away from continued fighting and ultimately to get away from living under a repressive Russian rule.

Whilst we can continue to pressure our governments to keep imposing sanctions on Russia and helping to arm and aid Ukraine (which I can’t help thinking are little more than mere gestures so that countries are seen to be doing something) we must also make sure people who are fleeing the country know they are welcome, supported and loved where ever they end up. We must make sure those that would oppose welcoming people fleeing war and oppression are silenced and open our hearts and homes to those who are in need.

The time for debating fault and blame is for now over, we can pick this up and learn from what we find a little further down the line, and just maybe something like this will not happen again. But right now, my friends, we are on the verge of a humanitarian crisis and history will judge us on how we respond.

So, to sum up take some of that time and energy you are using to debate and finger point into thinking how you can help in the coming weeks, months and years. Once we have that sorted then by all means work on who to hold to account and conduct your trials by Facebook if you must.

Most off all instead of getting dubious information from memes how about listening to what the people of Ukraine are saying they want and need.

With love and solidarity


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