Gail Stacey, Where Art The Women. Ep.5

The SoapBox Collective
The SoapBox Collective
Gail Stacey, Where Art The Women. Ep.5

On this weeks show Matt talks to Gail Stacey from Where Art The Women. In their own words “Where Art the Women? is an inclusive, not-for-profit project that aims to highlight, challenge and help address the gender inequality on stages in the UK independent music scene with a collaborative mix of art, music, spoken word, film, workshops, discussion and information.”

Here at SoapBox Collective we all think this is an awesome and worth while project that will not only go a long way to address gender inequality and the help careers of female performers but also create more diverse and interesting shows for the gig going public, EVERYBODY WINS!

But of course your help and support is need. If you are here then you are already going to listen to the show but also please take time whilst you are listening to find out more about Where Art The Women and bung them a couple of quid for the cause.

Don’t forget to help both this show and Where Art The Women by sharing this far and wide.



Twitter: @WhereArtWomen

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